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  • Profile picture of Maria Maria said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    After a staff member and a seasoned volunteer attended one of the inaugural PowerUP! Institute trainings, Dr. Renée Fredericksen, Special Projects Director at MAC, Inc., and Brenda Granger, Volunteer Lead, decided to enlist a volunteer team to help. Thus the Innovative Caregiver Advisor Network project (I-CAN) was launched to train volunteer navigator teams of mature adults to become experts in navigating the health and human services systems—and to assist older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers in need. The funding is even more exciting. To get I-CAN up and running, MAC, Inc. decided to invest $4,000 for a laptop and iPad for the lead volunteer and $1,000 in the Project Director’s support time. Funds came from the Maryland Home and Community Caregiver Resource Center at MAC, Inc. grant.This small investment is expected to produce the equivalent of four full-time positions within the next year for the four-county area that MAC, Inc. covers. Thus for an investment of $5,000 to support a lead volunteer who represents about one full-time employee, the return is expected to triple or quadruple in 12 months. This is just the beginning.

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    Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) uses volunteer teams to provide statewide education, including resource information and assistance, to community members regarding health care, fraud, consumer issues and other mishaps. It was transformed from lecture format to a more-engaging theatrical format with skits and actors.

    This program is one of 13 honored by The Aging Network’s Volunteer Collaborative for providing, in response to the 2012 Call for What’s Working, exceptional tips on how to build a strong volunteer program.

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    The “Ye Olde Breakfast Shoppe” Program was born in November 2008 in rural Rochester, MA, at the Rochester
    Council on Aging’s (COA) Senior Center, in response to the sudden closure of the only local breakfast restaurant
    in the town over one weekend. Historically, numerous community folk, namely senior citizens and many of
    them male, would gather for hours at this site for a bite of breakfast and coffee, but also for the opportunity to
    socialize and chat or debate about local happenings and state and world news. Many of these participants
    would never set foot inside the senior center, just feet away from the restaurant.

    The COA Director saw this abrupt closure as an opportunity for the COA to draw in a segment of the population
    to the senior center, as well as primarily to provide a much‐needed venue for socialization and nutrition for the
    senior citizen population.

    The Senior Center, housing a commercial kitchen, made quick arrangements with the Rochester Lions Club and
    the Rochester FRIENDS of the Senior Center non‐profit groups, who both agreed to share the operation of a
    new breakfast program at the Senior Center, utilizing volunteers, with the proceeds split between the two
    organizations, and ultimately given back to the COA/Senior Center for its operation.

    “Ye Olde Breakfast Shoppe” was created and was up and running within a week, and it has been successful and
    continually growing over the past four years, utilizing only volunteers.

    Rochester COA, MA: http://www.rochestermaseniorcenter.com

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    What’s Working Wednesday…Social Innovation Fund


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    What is Working Wednesday…Have an idea for a service project – like getting a group together to address homlessnes, access to health care, or transportation needs in your community? Learn how to turn your volunteer idea into a successful service project using our do-it-yourself toolkits. http://www.serve.gov/?q=site-page/toolkits

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    Preparing for elderhood is the subject of the latest book by Dr. Bill Thomas who makes the case for us to embrace aging. He discusses three virtuous qualities of elders — slow, deep and connected.


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    What’s Working Wednesday…Tap into Pro Bono Professional Skills via Helpouts with Taproot!


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    Join VolunteerMatch on April 8, 2014, for a free Nonprofit Insights webinar in honor of National Volunteer Week. Erinn Andrews of GuideStar and Lisa Pool of the Technology Affinity Group, who have partnered on the Simplify initiative, http://www.simplifynow.org, will share how data and record-keeping in the nonprofit sector is becoming so much more than just the IRS Form 990 – and why paying attention to this trend, and engaging volunteers to help you contribute, will help your organization get more funding and support.

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    What’s Working Wednesday…The Bureau of Labor Statistics relies on a traditional definition of volunteering – unpaid work performed for third-party organizations – which may not take into account several booming trends:

    The explosion of pro bono and skills-based volunteer service. More and more companies and individuals are finding ways to volunteer their skills and talents. Just last year, more than 500 companies pledged $2 billion worth of skills-based and pro bono volunteer service that could go uncounted under a traditional definition of volunteering.


  • Profile picture of Maria Maria said 2 years, 12 months ago:

    Do you have a purpose statement that guides your work?

    The good folks at Imperative have put together an assessment tool that helps you identify what drives you to create change. Quite applicable to your volunteer work, as well. Read more about it and take the assessment here.


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    PowerUP! Field Report from Renee Fredericksen of Maintaining Active Citizens, Inc. (MAC, Inc.) is happy to share that they have finalized their training curriculum for the I-Can Innovative Caregiver Navigator Program and have four people registered thus far for the Ambassador PowerUP! Team!

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    Each year, elected officials and community leaders spotlight the impact of Senior Corps volunteers during Senior Corps Week, May 19-23, 2014. Across the country, Senior Corps volunteers will be highlighted through service projects and recognition events with their elected officials, many of whom issue proclamations that mark the benefits and vital contributions that Senior Corps volunteers provide their communities. Take time today to say “thanks” to all the Senior Corps volunteers who make our communities better!

  • Profile picture of Maria Maria said 2 years, 8 months ago:

    State of Idaho honors 68 RSVP volunteers who have given 163,092 hours of service, which is equivalent to 79 years of full-time employment and has an economic impact of $3.249 million (using the state’s $19.92 per-hour figure for volunteers).


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