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There are many seniors in your community who could use an hour of your time. According to a 2011 report from the U.S. Administration on Aging, there are roughly 11 million seniors living alone in their homes and nearly 1.5 million seniors in nursing homes at any given time. Programs set up through the state and localities, many of which are funded through the Older Americans Act, offer opportunities for these individuals to receive services, and meals, as well as programs to keep them busy and social.  These programs thrive on volunteers giving an hour back to the older adults in their community.

Volunteering is easy — through senior centers, nursing homes, or connecting with a senior who lives in their home, there are a variety of ways you can give back.

Got an hour? There are hundreds of ways to give it back in your neighborhood, or at a local nursing home. Enter your zip code and search for volunteer opportunities with seniors in your neighborhood today:

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Got an hour?

  • Bring a meal to a senior in their home
  • Play a game with a group at a local senior center
  • Pick up prescriptions for a neighbor
  • Volunteer as an ombudsman to help advocate for nursing home residents
  • Bring members of your church or synagogue to services with you…

To learn more about Got An Hour? Campaign view one of the informational webinars or register for final, live webinar


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Downloadable Radio Slot

Download the radio slot to play on your website, send to local radio stations, or play during your events. This is a fun way to advertise the website for a place to have people search for volunteer opportunities.

Downloadable Materials to Increase Your Volunteers

Got an Hour? Press Release
Is your organization looking for a way to get the word out about the Got an Hour? Give it Back Campaign? The sample press release can be used in local media, in your newsletters, and on your organization’s website. This press release is designed as a template. Your organization can adjust it to include your name, or specific volunteer programs that are available.
Encourage an Elected Official to Volunteer with Your Organization
Bringing elected officials to your organization can highlight the work you are doing for seniors in your communities. You can use this sample letter to invite your local mayors, state and federal senators or assemblymen, to give an hour of their time back. This letter is meant to serve as a template for you to edit – include specifics with contact information, or upcoming volunteer opportunities.
Downloadable Postcards
Use these postcards to advertise the campaign in your neighborhoods.
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Use these postcards to advertise the campaign in your neighborhoods. Add your own organization’s logo and information on the back to share opportunities and programs where volunteers are needed.

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