Funding can come from a range of sources: corporate, philanthropic, governmental and collaborative. Consider these ways to find funding opportunities:

Review Grant Announcements

Grant announcements are issued on a regular basis. Several resources that provide grant listings are below:

Consider Partnerships

Joining with others has proven to be a highly effective strategy for many organizations. Consider reaching out to a group with a mission that complements yours. Because the sum is often greater than the parts, both of you may achieve service beyond your original goals.

For example, a gathering of 17 organizations in Chicago produced pilot projects such as creating a resource directory for older adults and formally welcoming people who were new to the community. Eventually, two organizations continued the partnership and have enabled older adults to serve as leaders within nonprofits, to raise money for nonprofits and to pursue learnings that help them decide how best to bring meaning to their lives.

Keys to strong partnerships are open communication and shared goals and trust. Other characteristics include these:

  • Sincere commitment and continued relationship-building from leaders of all organizations involved.
  • Conscientious leaders who address each partner’s interests and concerns.
  • Written goals and definitions of success and responsibilities of all partners.
  • Strong, enthusiastic leaders who promote the project and who can make decisions quickly.
  • Recognition that finding common ground takes time, especially among organizations that differ culturally and financially.
  • Honest discussions about what is and isn’t working.
  • Opportunities to maximize all partners’ contributions.

See more suggestions at How to Create Effective Partnerships.


Talk with colleagues, business contacts, personal contacts. Get to know leaders at grant-making organizations.


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