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PowerUP! Ad Templates Made Easy

December 11, 2013 in Making a Difference

If you’re working on plans for the New Year, here’s an idea: Kick off 2014 with a campaign to recruit a volunteer team that extends your agency’s capacity.

Not sure how to start? Did you know the PowerUP! initiative has produced recruitment templates that you can use for free?

A variety of templates are available. Today, let’s talk about how to use the templates for print and web ads.

Print Ads:PowerUP! Ad

These are professionally designed ads with a headline of “Change Your Neighbor’s World. Change Your Own.” They include supporting text that has been tested with older adults and aging field professionals that highlights older adults’ need for help and the benefits that volunteering provides.

They come in two sizes: ½ page and ¼ page. To each ad, you can add your agency’s volunteer needs and contact information.

To use the template and prepare a print ad to send to a publication, simply download the file and save it to your computer. Then open it from your computer and enter your agency’s information:

  • In the first box, the volunteer roles and/or tasks you’d like to fill.
  • In the second box, your agency’s contact information.

Then save the ad, and it’s ready to go to your local newspaper, an area civic club, a newsletter for a nearby church, or the like.

Web Banner Ad:PowerUP-Web-banner-4-13

You can supplement your print ads with a web banner ad.

You could place this banner on a website that potential volunteers would be likely to use—such as a local blog or newspaper, a community organization, or a faith-based organization.

You also could put a copy of the banner on your own website. That way, when people who have seen your print ad come to your site, they can easily see where to find more information on your volunteer needs.

You will not need to customize the web banner. You can simply place it on a website (yours and/or others’) and link it to the page on your website that provides more information about your volunteer needs.

Web Banner Ad on Your Website and/or Community Website  >>  Links to Page on Your Website with Volunteer Needs

You might want to link the ad to one of these pages:

  • A special page on your website that mentions your volunteer program and your contact information.
  • Your Contact Us page.
  • Your home page or another page on your site that specifically mentions your volunteer program and includes your contact information.

To find the correct link, go to the page you’d like the ad to link to. Then copy the URL from the box at the top of your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Send that URL and this banner to the person who will place the ad. And you’re off to the races!

Want to publicize even more? Check out the full list of PowerUP! templates!

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