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5 Simple Ways to Recruit Volunteers with the PowerUP! Templates

June 12, 2013 in Making a Difference


  • PowerUP! recruitment templates are time savers, eye-catching, and effective.
  • They give you 1) No-Fuss Ads, 2) Flyers at the Speed of Flight, 3) Newsletter Articles Made Easy, 4) Social Media Success, and 5) Press Materials to Impress.


Do you need help recruiting volunteers?

Many agencies say they do. Now, you can download professionally designed PowerUP! recruitment templates for flyers, ads, press releases, and more, customize them with your agency’s information, then print them in a flash.

They can help you because they are…

  • Time savers. No need to create recruitment materials from scratch. Simply download a template and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • Eye-catching. Professionally designed with bold colors and appealing photos, they coordinate with the PowerUP! branding, so that your materials will match other agencies’. Working together, we will present older adult volunteering as part of a unified whole, a national effort.
  • Effective. Based on language that research has proven speaks to older adult volunteers, these versions also got the stamp of approval from our volunteer reviewers.

5 Ways PowerUP! Templates Can Help

So what does this collection of templates give you?

1. No-Fuss Ads: Want to place an ad in your local newspaper or newsletter? Simply download the print ad file, type in some bullets that outline your volunteer needs, add your contact information, and hit “save.” Your info will appear nicely formatted within the design.

Need a banner for your web site? It’s even easier. Just download the file, and ask your web developer to insert it into your site, with a link to the page where you talk about volunteering. There are sample scripts for radio and sample TV spots, as well.

2. Flyers at the Speed of Flight: No need to stare at a blank piece of paper! To build a flyer, simply download the file and add a bulleted list of your volunteer opportunities, plus your contact info. Then save it, print it, and give it out. That’s all! In the same way, you can have postcards posthaste.

3. Newsletter Articles Made Easy: A sample newsletter article—plus boilerplate you can cut and paste—gives you a strong framework for how to write about your own program and volunteer needs.

4. Social Media Success: Not sure what to say on social media? Leave these posts to us! Find social media posts that you can cut and paste to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to get started.

5. Press Materials to Impress: Find a sample article for a community publication that can guide you in writing yours, plus an ending on the value of older adult volunteers, which you can cut and paste.

You’ll also find a press release that tells the world how your agency has joined a nationwide movement to meet rising demand for aging services by utilizing volunteers in new ways.

Learn more about the PowerUP! templates now!

Please share your ideas, thoughts, or questions in the Comments, below. To find even more ideas for your volunteer program, scroll through other Making a Difference posts.

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